Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We are Bananas


You are bananas!”, we have heard this said before,
often casually, sometimes offensively... “Yeah, whatever”,
we reply and never give a thought to actual bananas.

There are many wild bananas still living natural lives.
They wake up in the morning just like you and me,
but they never have a job, just blend in with the rainforest.

Some were selected though, forced into conformity:
programmed, groomed for production.
They must produce every day. We know these ones.

They have been planted in organized rows all over hillsides and valleys
in tropical places. Bananas are an export crop.
In plastic bags, in bunches, driven to our supermarkets.

In the wind, banana leaves still wave wildly, their green arms
thrashing all over a sprayed landscape, once the home
of monkeys and jaguars, toucans, forests, people ....

Green bananas cling frightened together.
They will not be peeled or eaten until they ripen.
Being not useful yet preserves their lives for a little while.

Every morning I slice banana on my cereal
without a thought of relationship.
Oh, so sorry, bananas.

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