Thursday, April 23, 2009

Building rustic furniture #2. The final touches.

It was an exciting day when I carried all the finished pieces of furniture up to the cabin and Heather and I settled on where each one would best fit. It was a relief for me to see how their collective impact gave unity and just the right atmosphere to the log cabin. The bed frame had been varnished in place but the headboard was carved, stained, gilded and varnished in the workshop before being screwed to the wall behind the bedframe. As usual I had created the design without knowing precisely where the image was going. When I chose this knotty board I had seen the knots as just so many eyes but my first trial sketch had been of a starry universe with our schooner Shiriri sailing into their midst - a sensation we had so often experienced while sailing the Pacific. I think that if the idea has a powerful resonance in itself, then the piece of work cannot help but carry itself into reality. As an invitation for interesting dreams, it is in the right place!

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annegardam said...

WOW! That looks fantastic you guys! Well done. I can't wait to see it.