Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Amazon Adventure # 33. Wind and rain and sun above.

A page from the journal. Gwyn sketches a rainy day passage.

We voyage north through the rain to Allans Cay, visit with the iguanas and sail back to Nassau. We have long since shed our ‘sailing is best and boo to engines’ weird belief system and now are setting distant goals and motor sailing to maintain speed when the wind drops. As a result we zoom back up the Exumas. On the crossing back to Nassau we manage to keep ahead of a mega-yacht until strong gusts make us reduce sail.

The journal:
Feb. 15th.
We woke up today wet and dripping, at least dad was, as mom had moved into the nav.station/bathroom. Elaine has a consistent drip into her hull and when Anne opened her hatch lid she got wet into me. We had a good breakfast. ( We put the tent up for breakfast.) We cleaned up and headed out into the rain. I steered while dad helped Anne navigate. We had a really good lunch, then we worked on schoolwork until we got seasick.

After a long while we came into Highbourne Cay, and left after 15 minutes for Allans Cay ( another half hour). Got the tent up, went ashore, but didn`t see any iguanas but did see some of their holes. Gwyneth.

                         The Exumas chain of islands and passage to Nassau.
                         Stocking Island, bottom right and Nassau, top left.
Iguana on left.

Feb 16th.
Today we woke up fairly early and went back to see the iguanas. Got a couple of pics and were on our way by 9:30.The day was sunny and hot and we were maintaining five knots plus pretty much the whole way when all of a sudden a massive gust came and we jammed at about 8 to 9 knots. We had to take the jenny down, put up the stays`l and reef the main! We got into Nassau about 3pm. Just as dad started the outboard the starter rope broke so we sailed in instead, got gas and water at the East Bay Marina. Mom and I went ashore and got groceries. Elaine.

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