Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reflections: Seeing deeper.

“ He taught me.... how to sense the spirit in discrete things, the shards of the seemingly impossible that glitter beyond the edge of imagining.” ‘Sweeter than the world.’ by Rudy Wiebe.

My friend Carol uses a hand mirror from time to time while painting her complex watercolours: it gives her another viewpoint, a second opinion and a deeper perspective into what she is painting. Coasting along a rocky shoreline one calm evening in my canoe, I glance down the length of an oar as it dips the surface and suddenly grasp what she means.

The oar blade already stirs the mirrored surface into ripples, but it is pointing down into the interior of a mysterious scene: the shimmering reflection of the rocky shore I am rowing past. Before me is the real solid headland hotly facing the evening sun, and between us lies the inverted version of it, wavering and breaking now into rings and shards of light. Alerted to this fairy world that mediates, shifts and changes as I move, I too can look more deeply; take advantage of this second opinion on the true and total reality of the world.

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