Sunday, October 4, 2009

Building a life #4. A moving experience.

Quitting my teaching job turns out for me to be not as stress free as I had thought it might. I was good at what I did and had much of my identity still folded into my profession. The great unknown opened a chasm before my feet. It really did require, despite all our plans and preparations, a definite leap of faith to say goodbye. Surely I will go back to teaching once our house building phase is done with? Not so, as it turns out. Life has a way of moving on and I never do get the itch to design and build things out of my system.

During the last Spring we sell our Okanagan home for a good profit. Now we can be mortgage free on Saltspring as we live our ‘simple’ life. We buy a tired aluminum travel trailer and I make necessary repairs while it is parked on the front lawn beside the long pile of yellow, skinned poles for our future log cabin. The first week after school a large commercial trailer is dropped off in our yard and with a friend`s help I load all the logs first and then lay sheets of plywood on top to make a temporary floor. Our chicken coop and milking stand are next, along with extra hay bales, two plastic bags of only slightly used peat moss, and then all our furniture and possessions. The piano is squeezed in last, the door shut, and a tractor truck comes to haul it all off to the coast where it will be delivered on the day we will arrive on Saltspring. Heather`s dad Jack will tow our travel trailer and Heather drives the V.W. van. I follow with the Mazda pick-up with the goats, chickens and, as it turns out, the cats. Hee Haw!

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