Saturday, November 14, 2009

Building a life #13. Buster gets our goat.

Driving Buster White.

Now the barn is completed and a fenced yard built behind it, we take our goats for a browsing walk in the mornings down the trail past Cat Hill. We are also now the proud owners of a castrated and de-horned young billy goat we have called Buster White. As we have milking goats, they have to be freshened and that means kids. Any little male goats get killed ( by me, a nasty job.) but Heather saved Buster with the idea that he could be trained to pull a light wagon. Cute!

Buster has his own leather collar, answers to his name, is aware of his protected status and is full of lively animal spirits. He likes to butt Gwyn and lies in wait for her to come by. We say to Gwyn, “ Stand up to him Honey. Let him know that you are the boss.” Buster is now heavier than Gwyn and has a harder head.

One day Heather is hiking up the hill to the cabin and Buster, hiding behind a big cedar, jumps out behind her and butts her hard in the bottom. That is something even I would not have the nerve to do and Buster quickly finds himself sitting on the front seat of the van watching the passing scenery in a manner that says “Ah, at last, I am being taken for a drive. Just what I deserve!”

A week later he came home from the butcher in brown paper packages and the family ate ‘ lamb’ for some time after. We got Buster`s goat in the end.

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