Friday, March 12, 2010

Orange you glad? Fruitful creativity.

Orange you glad we are having a baby?
 The navel oranges are yummy at this time of year and so we have a wooden bowl full of them resting on the counter. Hmmm, NAVEL oranges,  -my mind is racing off into lalaland with possibilities. Before they can escape I grab the camera and start taking photos.

Through the camera lens I wander across the surface, peering down at the relationships until suddenly I have it! Navel was the clue even if it is the stalk connection point I see. Belly button... round orange belly... thighs. A pregnancy photo! Click!

The lander fires its retro rockets as it nears the 'navel feature' on the orange planet.
Later, in the computer I see a single orange on a dark background, one of that same series and see... an orange planet with an interesting round recessed feature on its surface... lets call it a ‘navel’ and send in a lander to check it out. NASA probably did this in around 2050. This will need some photoshopping, but not much. Mostly I will need to create the story to support the illusion. Now that could be fun!

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sandra said...

Pregnant imagination!
I LOVE the orange planet. A photo to rival Hubbard.