Thursday, May 6, 2010

Building a life #25 The killer whale ( Orca)

Each evening after supper Heather takes two of the girls in turn, fishing just off Arbutus Point. Where the reef juts out into the channel is a big kelp bed and just beyond it the fishermen can lower their cod jigs down to the rocky bottom. “Here fishy fishy,” they sing, as the sun sinks lower over the blue mountains of Saltspring Island. Gwyn and her friend Carolyn are excited to be out in the canoe with Heather, the expert food gatherer. Jig jig, jig, jig. Suddenly, right beside them in the middle of the kelp bed an enormous fin rises out of the water. A magical presence between them and the shore! A gasp of breath and then it rolls smoothly back below the surface. The ripples of its passage brush the canoe.

“Wow girls! Did you see that?” Isn`t that exciting?” says Heather. Lets see if he will come back!

“NO, NO!” say the girls as they quickly wind in their lines. “Time to go ashore. We are certain of that!”

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