Friday, June 25, 2010

AT THE MARKET. Translating our experience through the senses into ‘Reality’.

The photo is all swirls of colour and partially repeating fragments of form. It has been made with a slow shutter speed with a camera slung at waist level and running on automatic focus. An interesting playing with reality we might say, using a sharply focused, frozen image as our standard of comparison. What if, in actual reality, it is reversed and the swirly image is how we sense the world and the concrete organized picture is what we create out of the fragmented input to our brains?

The total sensory experience during that morning at the market would have included a stream of information from smell, hearing, and touch as well as visual. The visual alone would have been changing rapidly in the shifting crowds of people, close up, moving, distant, all mish-mashed together just like in the photograph.

We all select to a great degree what we see and how we blend our total sensory input into a much simplified mind view. From birth we have been learning our culture`s take on the world and combining it with the inherited physical abilities of how our brains process information. We simply use a system of stereotyping to give us a quickly updated version of the current situation. What is reality is something else again.

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