Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The shadow nose.

There are times when some flash of shape catches my eye and before I know it I have branched off from my main focus to bring that new idea out into the world. This time it was my shadow cast onto a slanting white panel by the morning sunlight streaming through the window of my studio. In itself not much, but as raw material for some graphic black and whites there was a lot of potential. It is awkward to take the photos while at the same time turning my head to show my profile, but a few moments later I have them ‘in the can’ and go back to the flower shots I was involved in before I was distracted.

I am slowly wading deeper into the complexities of my photo computer program these days and when the shadow images come up I begin to alter them. Darken, increase contrast and then begin to manipulate as the mood strikes me. Soon I have some images I like that have come a long way from the original raw photos.

Not so many months ago I scorned this extreme image manipulation but now, well, the sky is the limit. I have made the link back to the graphic printmaking that was my special interest way back in art school.

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