Thursday, October 18, 2012

The end of drought coincides with the beginning of winter.

A rainy day at the Fulford Harbour ferry dock

 For a long time now we on the Gulf islands have been praying for rain. Things got pretty dry, my irrigation pond was just about to suck empty and early leaf Fall was all about trees shedding extra leaves for economies sake. We liked the bright warm afternoons of course and found the clear nights brisk and invigorating.

Finally we got what we hoped for: two solid days of rain and then some more. That strange sound in the middle of the night was rain drumming on our metal roof. The mud bottom of the pond became a small braided stream, genuinely Fall coloured maple leaves blew into windrows and the South-wester knocked some branches off the fir trees.

Indian Point and Russell Island

Today I winterized my sailboat. Just two weeks ago I imagined leaving her commissioned for winter sailing but that cold wind off the ocean reminded me that that dream has a miserably cold and damp component. I have rediscovered the real pleasure of the rocking chair beside the kitchen wood stove.

Some of the smaller Gulf Islands near Swartz Bay terminal on Vancouver Island 

The other day we drove onto the Fulford ferry amid yellow slicker clad seamen and noticed the winter look of steamed up car windows on the car deck. Still, I climbed up to a higher deck to record the trip. Each day brings something new and now the low clouds and dark silhouettes of the islands are still a novelty. I see this familiar scene with fresh vision after the long blue days of summer.

Who IS that handsome fellow?

Portland Island under a blanket of cloud

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