Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'Transhumance'. adjusting a drawing using Lightroom 4 photo program


 Transhumance:   The sheep are taken up into the high mountain pastures once Spring has melted the snow.

This whimsical little drawing grew out of an art session with a granddaughter. I was just making smudges when I saw the mountain and drew in the distant landscape below and finally the little figures. It was very soft and faint but I knew that I could scan it into my photo program and make any adjustments I liked at that point. Lightroom 4 ( I've just upgraded) has some very useful tools for these kind of adjustments that would be impossible to do on the original 'light touch' drawing. The shadows that give modelling, the sheep dangling on the rope that was draw onto the background colour and later whitened, adjusting of colour intensities and sharpness; all done with the same techniques I would use for adjusting a digital photograph.

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