Thursday, February 5, 2015

To be an Artist or follow the foolish way.

 There are two ways to take care of your life – you can develop yourself as an artist, or you can forget yourself and devote your life to art. There's a big difference. The first is to enslave yourself to your ego. It feels good for a while but it doesn’t last for long. This is becoming a host for the guest. The second way is to become a host for the host. You must turn your ego into fuel and burn your life for the benefit of all beings. You will become a kind of fool. But this is the way to find peace. Just climb the mountain, everyday.

'You have to say something' by Dainin Katagita

I was speaking to a friend tonight who had hit a down day in her painting process. She had been looking at artist's websites and had become depressed by the self promotion and repetitiveness of imagery that was being presented as art. I tried to explain that the commercial museum and gallery world was like that: we live within a consumer society and art was not a separate thing removed from that. And then I remembered this quote of Katagita's and suggested that one could try to become an artist or one could be a servant of Art. In that case one might never 'make it' commercially but sleep well at night all the same - sound, foolish sleep and peace filled days.

These photos might fit into the later category, taken casually while on a walk with my wife and with no anxiety that they should be prize winners, they never-the-less have their say in an unpretentious way. They even may be art, Katagita style.

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