Saturday, December 12, 2015

On the Pacific Flyway. That means birds, birds, birds.

  • Hundreds of people can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see. To see clearly is poetry, prophesy, and religion - all in one. John Ruskin.

A cool damp day in Fulford Harbour

Just about every bay around our island is full of migrating waterfowl these days, ducking and diving, building up their reserves for the next leg south. Except of course for many this is their final winter holiday destination. Most of the time the coast is mild and gentle but when the south-easters roll through they must duck for shelter.

From that safe place behind my lens I can find an endless parade of images, snipped from the lives of ducks, geese and swans. Fascinating! But to get a good photograph it is important to endeavor to understand, to feel in my bones and flesh the cold salt water, the ruffling of feathers in the cool wind, to hear as they do the lap of waves on the shore.

Like all those instructors have said over and over in so many ways, “You must be aware”, you have to see. That is the challenge whether with a camera or not. And not just with ducks.

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