Wednesday, February 17, 2016

creator or Creator? Hafiz sets us straight.

                 What you conceive as imagination
Does not exist for me.

Whatever you can do in a dream
Or on your mind canvas

My hands can pull - alive - from my coat pocket.

From 'Imagination Does Not Exist' by Hafiz

When we use our imagination to dream up a new concept or a new art work we are acting as if we think like God ( or our version of that). The creator, little me, feels close to the Creator, big. And there is a lot of truth to that because so often the imagery that comes through our hands and onto the page seems guided by something outside of our conscious, personal mind. The 'Muse' we say and by giving it a name we can assign a human category to the mysterious.

We might even theorize about the act of creation or make a set of lessons around a creative set of ideas (Ten steps to being an artist), but in the end creation just seems to flow from our finger tips and slide shyly through some back door of the mind.

Hafiz sets things straight when he points out the difference. We can imagine, but the Creator does not rely on human ideas, religious or otherwise. Reality, this living world, is what is created, what is Creation, not a set of concepts and images.

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