Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Family appreciation day.


 We clamber up the brow ( gangway) onto an Orca class Canadian Naval training/coastal patrol vessel for a couple of hours of manoeuvres just off Victoria Harbour. This is the day when the navy welcomes family members aboard as well as reservists who are improving their ability to manage first these and then even larger vessels.

Margot steering

Sarah drives the ship, with expert assistance.
This is a special day for our little family group because we get to see our eldest daughter Anne do her military thing and so do her two girls that we are accompanying. Anne joined the reserves at seventeen and over the years we have watched her graduate from basic training,then become an officer, and now she will be acting as XO for the day. Our experiences of her sea-going abilities up 'til now were on our schooner voyages around the Pacific where the routines she learned in the navy had stood us in good stead. Now to see them in action in their original setting!

Coming HMCS Malahat in Victoria Harbour.

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