Thursday, September 1, 2016

End of summer at Indian Point.

End of summer at Indian Point.

It seems only yesterday we were wishing for a break from summer heat but over the last few days we have abruptly transitioned into fall. Such a nice change to overcast skies and rain showers, but no doubt we will be wishing for sunshine soon enough.

The dry times caused a lot of trees to yellow and drop leaves prematurely so we have dry maple leaves littering the roads, paths, and blowing into our living room. This morning we had a break with pale, lemony, filtered sunlight and I decided to take my Nikon DSLR rather than the pocket camera and walk the shoreline at Indian Point with the intention of honing my photography skills.

Indian Point is just down the road, and I have walked and photographed here many times, but while the geography may be constant, the seasons change, the light changes, and I change and see new possibilities.

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Unknown said...

Hi Bill, you have done the nice photography about the real beauty of nature