Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fair trade.

“ Hi, I`m Vanessa! What`s your name?” I am wandering with my camera in the seedier waterfront part of Victoria early on a Saturday Morning and have been approached by a young woman. I can see the pitch coming, this is the second time I have been petitioned in five minutes, but admire the technique so I answer, “I`m Bill.” and we both stick out our hands and shake.

“Bill, do you have any spare change?” I dig into my pocket and pull out a handful. “A Dollar seventy-five. Is that of any use to you?” As she reaches out her hand again and receives the money I have an idea that would make this a real equal relationship and say. “Vanessa, You could do something for me. Could I take your photograph in exchange?” And so she poses with her fingers set in a peace sign  against a backdrop of sky and decayed buildings with a hint of a crooked smile on her pinched face.

“God bless you!” she says as she wanders off down the street. I wish with all my heart that I had thought to say the same to her. Fair trade.

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