Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grey summer skies

A long hot summer spell has been broken by a couple of days of August rain. With no irrigation routine for a few days in the garden and orchard its time to grab the camera and head for the seashore.

A fine mist, trying to be rain, soaks the grasses and glazes the rocks. The dry mosses have already soaked up and turned bright green again. From the cliff top the sea fades to mist and nearby island`s grey forms merge with the low overcast. A day for photography after day after day of blue skies and strong shadows. Really, I had been finding it difficult to get serious about making pictures in a world that insisted on being so ordinary. Now at last; gradations of tone, shadow-less forms, wet beads of moisture on bleached dry grasses and crisp fallen arbutus leaves. Everything in the dry summer landscape is now vivid under its layer of varnish.


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