Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Snow squall.


It must seem funny to people in naturally snowy climates for me to be rushing out with my camera as soon as a snow cloud rolls across the sun, but really the opportunities to try different camera settings and capture the side-blown streaks of a dense, brief snowfall have not come that often this winter.

All too soon the sun is out again and all that sturm und drang filters down to a skiff of snow wrapped around the Spring snowdrops, whitened branches and roadside grass. It is the contrast between the snow and the spring- new leaves, buds and flowers that leads me out for a walk down our neighbourhood roads.

Those roads gleam grey and wet in the evening light, the trees flare-up in the shafts of light as they transform quickly from snow to water droplets. It is a surprisingly dramatic few minutes of subject matter while this melt takes place. And I am out here to record it: the precision of this moment.

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