Thursday, October 1, 2015

Estuary of the Englishman River.

This short, steep, Vancouver Island river runs from the mountains to the sea in a big hurry, but once it reaches the sea it drops its load of silt quickly and blends with the Strait of Georgia. This day in early fall we walk along the banks of the estuary; that place where all the rocks, mud and whole trees from the nearby highlands are deposited. Compared to the faster flowing stretches this place seems oppressive and flat, with the view often blocked by tangled undergrowth and alder. We walk the trails in mid afternoon's bright sunlight mixed with dark shadows. How to record this place at this time of day? Even a foggy day or early or late in the day would surely yield better results!

I shrug and decide to get what I can and use my imagination to make up for the conditions I am given. A first photograph simply sets the scene; the tide is out and there is a tree stranded in the muddy foreground: the estuary. I have to decide though whether I am making a documentary or a set of art photographs or something in between. Is it possible to create a set of images that catch the feeling of this place rather than a 'factual' record. Now that is a challenge!
Once we walk upstream  I remember how abbreviated this river is, very quickly we are away from muddy tidal flats and into the rushing river again.This part is still tidal but the tide is out.

 Lights, action, the images are full of movement, colour and light!

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