Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Texture: getting a photograph past simple representation ( this is that!)

Walking with Heather at Burgoyne Bay. This tells a story and has used the framing
 devise of the hedge as an element of design.
The hedge is also strongly textured but is not the main element
 that is at work here.
Texture is one of those elements of design that often gets into a photograph more or less by accident. Here on a recent walk in the old farm fields of Burgoyne Bay I have made them the leading element. Of course there are forms and lines and colours as well, but textures take the lead. If one is used to photographs that tell a story, then these will seem lacking, but if you admire fabrics for example, you will be able to appreciate these two dimensional images for themselves alone.

Being able to get a photograph past its representational duty ( this is that!) is challenging, but having a feel for design is a step along the way.

The slanting sunlight creates a repeating pattern, an overall texture, but we still see the old and new trees. There is still a story being told.

We catch a glimpse of distant hillside but the textures of the
 trees in the foreground dominate the composition.

Strips of grasses, and the big oak almost disappears into
 the dark green forest. Textures in varied proportions. 

The old barn boards repeat the pattern and it would be boring if it were not
 for the angle of view and the details of window and colour. Texture of weathered wood..

I saw the colour contrast of green leaves and orange rusty roof, but the strong
slanting lines create a texture that also contrasts with the leaf shapes.

The most strongly textured image of the bunch, like a flat screen. I love this one!

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