Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A poor day for a hike?

I woke this morning to something akin to a blizzard. Or at least what we West Coasters might foolishly think a blizzard must look like. Large flakes of wet snow were streaking down and blurring the edges of the trees at the edges of our clearing in the big woods. But soon it transitioned into rain, cold nasty rain with the temperature still just above freezing. Now this is more like our typical midwinter's day.

I went for a hike nevertheless and beside the sea, beneath the trees, it was beautiful. The salal and moss covered trees glowed and the rocks glistened.

Along the shore the ducks and loons went about their everyday business in the choppy waves stirred up by a chill, penetrating north breeze. There is something about a cold wind off the ocean that brings out the best in me. Perhaps all those Viking ancestors and northern England farmers in my past woke up and said, “AHHH! This is more like it!”

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