Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cutting down and chucking out.

Every year I cut down a couple of trees to provide all our next year's firewood. This is a time of tension for Heather, (will Bill survive the logging yet again?), and she is correct to fear an accident because while once this was a regular activity, now it happens but once a year, especially with big trees that stretch their length a hundred feet or more with a mighty thump. Cutting on a rocky slope added some extra challenge today, but down they came and here I am writing about it. Tadaa!

Later. After taking a selfie of myself beside my mornings work( A ten second timer shot. I had to run like mad to get into position) I found Heather beside the front door disposing of her splendid gingerbread church. Sad, but then, she already has plans for next year!

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