Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Winter storm

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The first winter storm woke us in the predawn darkness.Flying bits of trees peppered our metal roof.The house flinched at the stronger gusts.Over the slashing sound of the rain was the dominant of wind in a thousand thousand branches.A greenish flash of light,and our electrical power was gone:lost to fallen trees on power lines.We stoked the woodfire with small dry pieces of wood to get a hot fire to boil water,made tea and porridge by candlelight.
Now in full daylight the wind has dropped and I walk outside to check for damage.But what`s that.?Down where the stream enters the forest stands a shaggy sheep looking up at me.Wooly.I hav`nt seen her since I left her barely able to stand two weeks ago.What a time she must have had last night.

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