Sunday, November 11, 2007


On one of our westcoast islands,hidden in the forest, is an ancient Indian well.While many of these beautiful islands are now draped with roads,powerlines,fields and villages,there are still other older lines of power growing and blossoming with their roots in deeper soil.This well is still visited by the first peoples of this land,it`s water carried up and down the coast as a valued spiritual substance.Holy wells have a long tradition in cultures around the world and yet the whole idea is hard to grasp while we are immersed in our own branch of modern daily reality.Yet surely we are the poorer for it when we loose the thinking tools associated with the concept of a holy well.The depth of our understanding shallows up to high and dry at low tide.How full the tide must be in the lives of people who can drink from the flow of meaning welling freely up out of the earth and into the light of daily life. Here is an ink painting I`ve called "The Indian Well."A canoe is pulled up on beach logs safely above the high tide lapping on the shore.A moonlit island landscape folds in shadow the path to the well.Go ahead! You too can beach your canoe and follow the path to the Indian well.

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