Sunday, November 18, 2007


With the dawn comes a calmer sea and a welcome landfall.It has been a passage filled with more than it`s fair share of heavy squalls and cross grained waves.The chart shows that once through that pass between the islands up ahead we will find a safe harbour.We look forward to the reprieve of course,we yearn for it,but it`s the anticipation of approaching a new land that really excites us.We have become hooked on the adrenaline of these passages and the anticipation of new landfalls.A little closer,the harbour more certain,and we will feel a touch of diffidence:end of the voyage let down.The discipline of the journey,the camaraderie of shared danger will soon be exchanged for the more complex and yet diluted world of shore side life.Soon though, the journey will call to us again and launch us into another thousand miles,a week or two,of blue water sailing and another landfall all the more sweet for being so hard won.

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