Monday, May 4, 2009

Amazon Adventure # 20. Lost in a limestone cave.

Wow! This cave has BATS, girls.

Our Current Island friends pick us up and we all cram into a car and drive to explore a limestone cave. There is a tricky time when we wish we had unrolled a long string behind us as our guides become confused about the way back out to the sunshine and our flashlights are getting dim. Yikes! We visit a beach on the surf side of the island and then back to Hatchet Bay.

The Journal:
... Darren and Warren came roaring up and took us to the waiting car. All seven of us jumped into a four seater. We roared down the road at 70 to 80 miles per hour and turned down a dirt road named CAVES. We stopped in the middle of a field and suddenly Darren disappeared. The cave was just there! We went down some cement steps, got out our flashlights in a cavern and started our trip going two tight miles.

They lead us down manmade steps, then down a ladder and on and on. Warren showed us a water cavern and we continued `til " What light through yonder window breaks?"( "Shut up Gwyn", says Elaine.) we came to a little square hole of light coming down a shaft. As we could n`t climb up it we went back down into the dark and mom bumped her head on a stalactite. Wham! An earthquake! She had blood on her hat and of course on her head. GROSS!

After we finally escaped out to the field again we all jumped into the car and roared off to the surfing beach. The road was so bumpy that all but Darren, the driver, got out and walked. Mom and I went shell collecting then we headed back to the boat. Mom and Dad went shopping and D.&W. stopped to talk to Anne and Elaine. Later, we went out of the harbour to dump the toilet and then came back and anchored in a place where the wind could not get at us ( D and W could n`t either.) Gwyn.

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