Monday, May 11, 2009

Amazon Adventure #21. Current economics.

Back through the Cut.

We sail back to Current Island, go back through the Cut and anchor off the village. Darren continues to look after us; it`s obvious to him that we need it, with our little family and open catamaran/camping way of living and so we have the treat of being hosted by people who are already so well adapted to this sea/island life. We visit with Darren`s mother, buy some baskets and watch a video on one of the colour TV`s in their little home. We begin to understand that many young fishermen are fishing for more lucrative items than the crayfish and conchs that supplement their main income.
The drugs from S. America filter through the Bahamas en-route to Florida. This is what that policeman was warning us about when we launched way back in Tampa: yachts rubbing shoulders with the shady side of drugs, fast boats and isolated anchorages. How come this sounds like BC today?
The Journal:

We went into Hatchet Bay settlement and bought water ($.10 a gallon) and a block of ice. On the way to Current Island we had slow sailing for several hours until around four when we turned on the motor. Ya Hoo! ( only because I was bugging Dad the whole time about turning it on). At 5:30 we were trying to get back into the our original bay but it was too shallow with the tide out, even when we all got off and pushed. Darren came along and asked us to go through the Cut to the settlement so we did and then got up the tent because of the mosquitos. That`s all, Elaine.
The settlement.
Jan 16th.
Darren took us for a tour of his settlement. Up the hill and to the left. We passed quite a few houses all with women doing the washing. Friday is washing day on Current! We passed his house, it is a sort of greenish turquoise, and it had a huge satellite dish and two huge colour TVs even though this in a very primitive looking settlement. Darren says there is really nothing to do all day but watch TV. Then we continued down the path passed a couple of yellow and purple plum trees. Darren showed us how they prepared the sticks and grasses for baskets. We saw the lady who asked Dad if he was making coffee the last time we were here. Her name is Edith Brown and she`s really nice. Then we walked to the ‘creek’ where we were anchored last time and to the place where the ‘Current Pride’ came in. All the while the mosquitos biting. We went back to Darren`s house and we watched ‘The jewel of the Nile’ while mom and dad bought baskets from D`s mom.
Off to Gregory Town.

Dad went with Darren and Warren to Gregory Town to cash a travellers cheque so we could pay for the baskets and the rest of us settled down to do homework. A Defense Force helicopter circled us with a machine gun pointing out the side door. Must have seemed dangerous with Gwyn washing her white teddy bear on deck! We were starting to think they were going to land and search us! When the speed boat came back they took dad out spear fishing. Caught two and threw them back! We said goodbye because we`ll never see them again. Tomorrow we`ll wake up early and leave for Nassau. Anne.

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