Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Amazon Adventure # 24. After the Storm.

Drying out the wet bedding, and making lunch in a gale.

The wind roars in the trees but we are safe in our little bay. We stock up with water and ice and return to Rose Island so we can have a good start on our crossing to the island chain called the Exumas.

The journal:
After a poor night`s sleep -rain and wind - we woke(!) to feel the boat bouncing on the bottom as the tide had gone out again. Over the side quickly when sand sounds were supplemented by bouncing on rock sounds. Up all anchors, take in bow lines to trees and motor out to tie up to a large raft anchored farther out in the bay. There is much more wind and we surge back and forth in jerks. I got busy with the epoxy and fixed a cleat on a netting beam and one of the hatch covers. Meanwhile all bedding and the wet tent are hung to dry before they are stowed away. Heather helped A&E with their chemistry while Gwyn and I practiced Japanese lettering.

... after a final stock up on supplies we decided to make a start on our trip and under motor and stays`l we rush across to the opposite side of Rose Island with a strong NW wind. The anchorage marked on the chart is very shallow even for us. With me pushing from behind we finally get into the lee of a cliff. Up with the tent, and the girls are now cooking hamburgers and hashbrowns. Hope for a quiet night. Bill.

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