Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bold Bluff: the hike.

The hiking club found a grey but dry moment between rainy days and hiked from the head of Burgoyne Bay along the southern shore to Bold Bluff in Sansum Narrows. ( You can Google Earth this you know). The trails were running over and very mushy but the twenty or so folks splashed (and talked), clambered over fallen trees ( and talked) and climbed up mossy rock faces ( and talked some more, between gasps and puffs). Not bad for a somewhat elderly crew! ( myself included).

This talky-walky hiking in a natural setting still seems a little strange to me, but I can see its value for this chatty crowd of Saltspring islanders. Some members are newly arrived and here is a chance to get to know their new home and neigbours, and for others it provides a chat hiking-line for old friends. Listening in to the many strands of conversation up and down the line, I am struck by the intellectual topics that get aired. What a clever bunch!

Exercise in the open air, exploration, and talk time!

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