Monday, March 21, 2016

The Spring visit.

'Great photographs show not only what something looks like but also what it feels like for the subject at that particular moment.'
Stephanie Sinclair, National Geographic photographer

This is Spring break time in the school calendar and as usual we have had grandchildren staying with us. A time for which we have prepared in advance and now set aside our normal retirement days of frantic activity and focus on our children, once removed.

We walk along the beach at Indian Point one cool, windy, damp day, build and sail boats in the pond and have boat races in the stream, explore Ruckle Park and fly kites at Burgoyne Bay before taking the ferry to deliver children home to their parents. Tiring days, but with so many valuable interactions.

For me it is also an opportunity to record these moments with my camera, to capture not just the facts but the feel of childhood as well.
Some images are 'set pieces' – I pre-planned certain compositions - and others just happened and I was prepared to leap.

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