Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dawn and dusk

Yesterday I traveled on our island ferry both at sunrise and sunset and realized once again how productive of interesting photographs these moments can be when many simply put their cameras away . Perhaps they are working from older 'rule of thumb' understandings that a well exposed photograph needs plenty of light, preferably from behind the photographer. With digital cameras however one can venture deep into darkness or peer straight into the light source and just generally mess around with older standard practice. The results can be exciting and expressive.

 The morning sun peers over the hill and lights 
the shore but keeps the boat in shadow.
 How rich that first light is!

The glare of morning light invades
the shadows at Indian Point and Russell Island

The ferry trip tonight lasted from sunset to well into darkness
 but the Samsung digital mini camera just kept right on working!

 The above two photographs were taken with the zoom function 
and as the ferry is vibrating the photos are fuzzy.
 But I find them very expressive.

  In the photograph below the actual light was almost non existent but I exposed for the sky and got a beautiful image of Fulford Harbour and what it feels like to be chugging back to my home island at the end of a stressful day.

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