Monday, June 1, 2009

Amazon Adventure # 26.Skimming the shallows to Hawksbill Cay.

Amazon off Hawksbill Cay.

South down the Exuma Chain.

The shallows. The black shadow that moves is a ray and not a coral head.

From the journal:
As things go... a good sleep. Warm and dry. Still tired from yesterday. The let down from a stressful day`s sail. We decided to motor south against the still strong wind in the lee of the island chain. We were looking ( as usual) for the shelter of a GOOD LEE - a precious commodity. We passed over some very shallow banks -touching on occasion - saw a big ray - we thought it was a coral head until it moved off. We found the creeks of Shroud Island to be too shallow and with low banks so continue on to Hawksbill Cay.

More shallows with small coral heads that were difficult to see against the sun but crystal clear in our wake. We pulled into a little bay beside a high ( 40 ft.) headland with a cairn and post box on top. We found a posted message from the Islands Trust ( part of a national park) inviting folks to help slash out a trail across the island. Sorry, no cutlass.

As the tide rose we were just able to tuck into the little bay (creek) for shelter. Hope the wind won`t shift into the west tonight or we will be exposed. Two anchors out and a line ashore. Raining, big tent up. Everyone doing schoolwork. Bill.

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