Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amazon Adventure # 27. Elaine saves the day.

 Disaster averted.
The wind shifts overnight and morning finds us beached in the shallows with a west wind blowing breaking waves into the bay. We push off, swing and hold Amazon so she is pointed towards the entrance. We have to be slick about our exit through the waves and between the two jagged rocky points on either side. We plan to start the engine, jump on board and pick up the last anchor on the way by. As we pass by, the anchor resists, the line tightens and we are swung across toward the rocks. Yikes. That would hole our quarter inch thick plywood hull for sure. Heather gets the engine in reverse just in time, Elaine jumps overboard and gets the anchor. We point Amazon out toward the entrance once more, jump on board, and this time we crash through the waves and away! Now, with the wind coming from the west we sail down the east side of the island chain in one long lovely downwind passage keeping careful track of our position as we pass beside the islands.

          Sailing south down the Exuma chain.

The Journal:


The wind was great and we enjoyed it more than ever. We made 25 miles from Hawksbill Cay to between Little and Big Major Cays near Stanial Cay.

By the way, we saw ‘Puffin’ today but no ‘Anticipation’! Anne got a hold of ‘Thor’ on the VHF and we are anchored beside them now. Anne and I went snorkeling. Anne thought she saw a barracuda. A lovely fish there! Now mom is making bread and chilli and frogs eggs (tapioca) and apple sauce for duff (desert). Dad`s asleep and we are spacing out. The wind is blowing a little. Hope no more. Good night, Gwyn.

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