Thursday, June 18, 2009

Amazon Adventure # 29. ‘We shall go rejoicing, laundering away.’

The Georgetown dock where we bought our fruit and vegetables.

The spit. Stocking island.

Heather has been dreaming of an island that we could settle down at for a while instead of constantly moving on, looking for warmer weather and inexpensive local fruits and vegetables. The girls have missed contact with other young people and wish to make up for lost time. I of course have become addicted to a new voyage and new horizons every day but we all find Stocking Island and Georgetown a good place to be for a while.

The Journal.

What a nice day! A relaxed morning. We all went overboard and washed ourselves. Heather did a major clothes wash. She washes on deck in saltwater using dishwashing detergent in a bucket. Tosses each piece to us. We rinse it in the sea, wring it out and toss it back where Heather gives a final rinse in a small amount of fresh water. Anne is so efficient she becomes our ‘Speed Queen’! The family that launders together stays clean, smells good.

We take Amazon across the harbour to Kidd`s Cove ( That`s Captain Kidd to you.) in Georgetown and wade ashore through the shallows to shop and explore the very clean friendly town. There are so many yachts in this area that we are all the main economy. We fill our water jugs from the park stand pipe.

Back across the bay to anchor beside the beach near ‘Thor’ and ‘Gambler III’. The girls go running off into the distance on a gorgeous beach. I clamber up a hill to get a photo from a high place of Amazon and the other boats. A monument on the top. What a view. Beautiful beaches, excellent harbours and miles of coconut trees. Then bang come the mosquitos. We pull off the beach for the night. Bill.

The three linked harbours of Stocking Island.

Feb 1st.
We went kneeboarding on the ocean side of the island [ with a whole bunch of new cruising kids] Met some French Canadian people on a catamaran, girls name was Avril. Me, Anne, Cris, Aaron and Lisa went to play volleyball. Got back to the boat at 6:00. We were anchored over a blue hole kind of thing with a cave and sergeant major fish in it. Me and Anne went to ‘Set Free’ for a movie. Got back at 10. Elaine.

Today we woke up beside a big cavern. Fought with math and mom for an hour or so and then we headed for Georgetown. Mom and dad went shopping at the fruit warehouse -lots of bananas, grapefruit, Bahamian pumpkin, but no oranges. All at prices we can afford. ‘Malakai called and Aaron came and picked Elaine and me up and we spent the day watching Eddy Murphy`s ‘Delirious’. Great movie! Walked around town and got a ride back with Cris and Lisa. Oh no! Got our wires crossed - we were supposed to be only one and a half hours, not the whole day! Anne.

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