Saturday, June 13, 2009

Water Music: composition.

                                                                                     Water Music.

The red maple foliage, three blue irises and the spray of irrigation water were all backlit by the afternoon`s hot summer sun. The mist of water rose and then fell, constantly renewed. I got to work with my camera shooting from different angles, with different shutter speeds and apertures. I knew there was something here that was important and I was casting my net wide in the hope of bringing it in for closer inspection.

To my eyes, the water droplets had been a blur. Later, on the computer screen, some of the faster shutter speeds captured a dance of light cris-crossing across the evocative colours and forms: for all the world like a kind of musical score transcribing the sweep of colour and form. What I had discovered was a composition that could express itself equally well as image or music.

I`ve always been aware that somewhere in my brain, images and sounds are tied together. A piece of music starts a flow of shifting abstract forms and colours moving before my inner eye and a scene like this one hints at sensuous equivalents in sound . When these lines of water appeared as a kind of notation stitched across the colours and shapes, it was really to be expected that I would understand them as the score for this afternoon of hot sun, emotional colours and flowing water.

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