Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Amazon Adventure #28. ‘It`s bitter in the Bahamas.’

                                       Out to lunch at a boaters get together.

We visit with other yachties at a beach party and begin to experience the international and friendly inter-reliance of the cruising community. We stop to stock up on supplies at Staniel Cay and freeze overnight on the beach at Cave Cay.

The journal:
Today we woke up, ate breakfast and did homework. Yuck! Russ/Thor and Jim/Gambler came over and invited us to lunch over on the beach. Russ, Pat and Jill came over and took Gwyn with them to the beach. A guy came over from a boat from England and asked dad and if he knew anything about electricity, motors and junk like that.
Then we paddled Hippo over to the beach. We had an interesting conversation over lunch with people from all over the world and then we hunted for shells. Some of us got rides home but Anne, dad and me paddled Hippo just about as fast. Elaine.

Jan 28th.
Mom and Elaine went snorkeling, mostly to wash their hair but I convinced them to go look at a little reef as well. They washed their hair alright but mom started giggling as soon as she put her snorkeling stuff on, - laughed and laughed etc. Finally dad hauled her up on deck (beached whale) and she laughed some more.

We decided to get going without motor -what do you know it worked - sailed down the harbour through all the boats. Passed the English guy -he thinks his motor is charging his batteries now ok. Headed for Staniel Cay passed the Thunderball Cave Cay which does n`t look interesting from the outside but I`m sure is terrific inside. Passed another Wharram cat,’Smile Orange’. He said to come and visit him but we said we would on the way back. Staniel is very clean just like people told us -bought some groceries including frozen milk. I wonder why so far noone else has thought of it. No ice, so used milk instead in our ice box. Stopped by ‘Smile Orange’ again, had some tea. He is headed for Jamaica but does n`t have crew.

                                    Smile Orange and Thunderball Cay.

We headed for Farmers Cay but decided to go further to Cave Cay. Got there, almost dark. Passed yachts that tried to warn us that it was shallow inside of the dredged part of the bay. We just waved, zipped by and beached on the sand for the night. A cold wind, good for sailing, but for night? No way! Bundled up, and started homework. Elaine and I did ‘Communications 3', - pretty fun!

Mom and dad took the tent down and bundled up for the night. It`s strange to get burnt by day and then freeze at night. ‘It`s bitter in the Bahamas!’ Anne.

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